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Flor del Delta


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Uit de wateren van de Ebro delta tussen Tarragona en Valencia komen deze mooie pakjes zeezout in de vorm van flakes (vlokken) in drie varianten: wit, zwart en citroen. Dit product geeft aan elk gerecht en presentatie een extra boost.

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Inhoud: ca. 125 gram

The chef recommends

Natural Fleur de Sel to add a delicate touch to dishes intensifying the natural tastes of the ingredients and foods themselves.


Fleur de Sel collected in the Ebro River Delta, the purest of all salts.


For all types of dishes, due to its chemical composition, its flavour is more enhancing than other salts.

The Fleur de Sel is the thin layer of saline crystals which is formed on the surface of the crystallizers of our traditional Salina. Between the months of July and September, these fragile micro crystals composed of different types of salts, are collected daily by hand using traditional methods, sun dried and subsequently packaged for different segments of the market. It is a 100% natural product, no additional treatments or additives 

They are considered gourmet salts due to their high richness in existing minerals dissolved in the sea water and its high content in magnesium chloride and potassium chloride accentuates and enhances the flavour of the food. Equally and due to its marine origin and special crystallization, fleur de sel contains 80% of the trace elements which our body requires. Based on this we can confirm that a diet with fleur de sel, is a healthy way to avoid the need to complement your diet with mineral supplements.


NaCl (calculated on dry basis) 98.19%
Cl 59.56%
Ca 0.094%
Mg 0.053%
Na 38.63%
So4 0.559%
Insoluble 0.055%
H2O 0.16%
K 0.027%
Pb <0.01 mg/kg
Fe <0.01 mg/kg

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